In-house laundry costs

How much does your current in-house laundry cost ?

Do you really know ?

In-house laundry duties are time-consuming, definitively not priceless and an usual nightmare for hospitality managers.

Hopefully, that reality can be part of your past pretty soon !

The real in-house laundry costs

for an average hospitality place in Santa Teresa

It’s a kind of impossible challenge to get professional results when dealing with your own in-house laundry and it becomes a nightmare while you want to know the real costs behind the scenes since they’re diluted in your overall operations costs.

To help you to have a better view on this, we have closely collaborated with a well known place in Santa Teresa to monitor every single aspect of their in-house laundry steps for a few months to get a clear and understandable view on the real costs of any in-house laundry.

The average place


Location: Santa Teresa (1st line)

Number of double beds: 2 king size beds

Numbers of simple/twin beds: 18 twin beds

Average ration the change bed sheets: every 3 days

Average ratio to change towels: Every 3 days (pool towel every day)

Average soiled laundry per week in Kg: +/- 450 kg a month

Average occupation rate: 76 %

Washing machines: 5 (2 to be repaired)

Dryers: 3 domestic units

Ironers: none


As a habit, machines are not at all loaded to their maximum to avoid getting them broken more often. This place runs 26 washing machines and 10 dryers per week. Bed sheets are not ironed and chemicals use is required to get proper results (which are not always perfect).

The average place

Costs weight in %

Interesting, right ?

But what that means in terms of true money?

Based on our the collaboration with the above resort in Santa Teresa, we can tell you the truth below.

All prices are for a full year of laundry and include only laundry duties, not housekeeping tasks;


Equipment (purchase & repairs)


Textile (bed & bath)






Electricity (no gas)




Total yearly in-house laundry costs


Price per Kilo (in-house laundry)


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