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Also for the well-being of the nature.

There are several ways that industrial laundry businesses can be involved in protecting the environment.
Some examples that PuraClean Laundry includes:

  • Using energy-efficient equipment and methods: This include the use of high-efficiency washing machines, dryers, and ironer, as well as implementing strategies like using cold water instead of hot water in the washing process.
  • Conserving water: This includes recycling water used in the laundry process, as well as implementing water-saving technologies.
  • Using eco-friendly detergents and chemicals: This includes using detergents and chemicals that are biodegradable and free of harmful chemicals like phosphates.
  • Implementing recycling and waste reduction programs: This includes recycling paper, plastic, and other materials used in the laundry process, as well as implementing programs to reduce waste and minimize the use of disposable products.
  • Reducing emissions: This includes the use of natural gas instead of diesel or gasoline.
  • Monitoring and reporting environmental impact: This includes measuring and reporting the environmental impact of the laundry business, and setting goals for reducing that impact over time.

By implementing these types of practices, PuraClean industrial laundry business can play a significant role in protecting the environment in the area and reducing our impact on the planet.

Sustainable flat textile

The textile we have selected for you actively participates in our environmental protection commitments since it complies with all the sustainability parameters, both environmental and of corporate social responsibility. To ensure compliance with those requirements, we are working only with textile manufacturers who have the following commitments and certifications;

STeP Certificate
Oeko-Tex Standard 100
GOTS Certificate
Plastic Reduction Policy

We have selected our machines based on their technical specifications such as:

Washing machines

  • One of the market’s lowest water consumptions
  • Manage external water tanks in order to recycle up to 70% of the water. Indeed, such a feature allows us to reuse, for example, the rinse water for the pre-wash of the next machine.
  • Automatic dosing pump to use only the required quantity of washing product. Too many would be wasteful, and not enough would be needed to wash the same machine twice.
  • Extremely high G-factor, wringing all bed textiles intensely. That goes straight to the gas ironer by skipping the drying step, resulting in significant time & energy savings.

Tumbles dryers

  • Powered by gas, which is more efficient than electricity.
  • Reverse rotation for;
    • a more powerful drying process
    • an even better fluffy result
  • Water collection is to be used by the washing machines

Gas cylinder ironer

  • Powered by gas, which is more efficient compared electricity.
  • Largest cylinder ironer on the market for increased productivity (more pieces ironed with the same amount of energy consumed)
  • Dry & iron bed linen in one go, without using the dryers

Water savings of up to 70% & chemicals free

  • Reduced water consumption by the latest washing machine technology
  • 4 water tanks for reusing water from one cycle to another.
  • Water collection from dryers
  • Final waste water with NO impact for the environment.
    • The Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeeper NGO monitors the quality of the water in rivers, streams, and beaches in the Southern part of the Nicoya Peninsula throughout the year. The results of the latest analyses they carried out, even during the rainy season, when pollution is more diluted due to the large amount of rainwater,  classify the water as highly contaminated by detergents & soap. That also contributes to the expansion of the red tide. See more

We are full of positive energy

Of course we are full of energy, but we are also fully aware we have to minimize our electricity consumption as much as possible.

  • Electricity production is almost 100% green (99,2% in 2019)
  • We do not use tumble dryers to dry bed linen. Instead, thanks to the high G Force of our washing machines, the textile comes out with a low level of humidity and goes straight to the ironer, where it’s dried & ironed in one go.

Powered by natural gas

Even if 100% of the electricity in Costa Rica is green, when it’s about industrial needs, gas is essential.
Indeed, industrial machines powered by gas are far much more efficient.
Natural gas is most likely the fuel of the future. It’s more efficient, affordable and especially cleaner burning than any other fossil fuels (like coal or oil), with low amounts of carbon dioxide. It’s good to mention that natural gas is more and more artificially produced from decomposing waste matter, known as renewable natural gas. Also, please note that 90% of the natural gas produced is actually used, while only 30% of the energy converted into electricity reaches users.

At PuraClean Laundry, we even go further since we redirect the heat from our ironer to our dryers.

Let's trade in your existing laundry machines

Until now, you have managed your laundry in-house, meaning you have acquired a few washing machines and dryers over the past years, and possibly not all of them are still working fine. Nevertheless, we have a deal with a third party to trade in your machines, regardless of their current working condition. You won’t make a lot of money out of it, for sure, but at least we offer a real opportunity for you to easily free up spaces and get some cash out of it. Any machine still working fine will be refreshed for the second-hand market, and any machine no longer working will be a good source of spare parts, while the not-used component will be properly recycled. That’s an extra step forward to protect our environment.

Your textile second life

You undoubtedly have a stock of textiles, possibly including some damaged pieces. And, since you’ll be using brand new PuraClean stock, what will you do with your old stock? Of course, it is entirely up to you, but we provide you with the option of recycling it in various ways rather than simply throwing it away;

  • Convert damaged pieces into litters for pet rescue associations
  • Reuse good pieces for needy people through local associations
  • Convert damaged pieces into water filter components for our laundry
  • Convert the pieces into reusable nappies
  • Partnership with a textile specialist to transform textile into new recycled yarns

Depending on the volume collected, the type of textile, and its quality, we will combine the above options to give your “old” textile the best second life possible. Let’s be honest: textile recycling is a nightmare for the whole industry and there is no well established or structure behind the scenes. For us, taking over your existing textile is clearly not a profit source (even the opposite), but a logical extension of our commitment to the environment. Hopefully, things are moving in the right direction. More and more initiatives are popping up, but they are still very expensive and therefore not financially efficient for the sector. But good progress requirse time to evolve, and then become then more affordable over time. At PuraClean, we humbly do our best to find ways to act better, be cleverer, and be the most eco-responsible possible in our daily operations. For sure, we need also your help.

There is no plan(et) B

We all know we have no Plan(et) B. Plastics have become a true nightmare for the environment, and their use should be drastically reduced to the maximum possible. Unfortunately, the volume doesn’t decrease as much as the world needs … at all. Hopefully, many innovations have been made to replace plastic with an eco-friendly alternative, but none of them are yet a consistent economic reality for the industries. In our case, we can not completely avoid plastic, but we can make sure any of it will be systematically collected for a proper recycling. And to ensure it will be the case, we are closely collaborating with the Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeeper NGO.

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